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The Moto Gymkhana Association was founded in 2011 following our visit to Japan – we are now working hard to establish Moto Gymkhana as a worldwide phenomenon. MGA is your first point of call for everything to do with the sport in the UK & Europe.Moto Gymkhana combines ‘Moto’ – shorthand for motorbike, with ‘Gymkhana’ an event consisting of speed pattern racing and timed games for riders, traditionally on horseback.

Moto Gymkhana began in Japan over 40 years ago, with motorcyclists getting together to enjoy informal and fun competitions between themselves. Motorcycle dealers and manufacturers caught on to the idea, holding competitions to advertise and promote their products and have fun with their clients. Moto Gymkhana competitions have changed dramatically since their outset, moving from manufacturer/dealer led, to rider led events open to any make of motorcycle.

with the fun of the competition, Moto Gymkhana also is also a sport built on friendship and camaraderie.

It’s a relatively safe sport – bumps and bruises are usually the worst injury and even these are rare due to the low speeds. The Editor of Performance Bikes called it “the most insane, non-lethal motorcycle sport” – what more could you want?