Excitement runs high – you get the course map after the initial briefing and have 45 minutes to walk it, remember it and plan your lines.

You’ll be called to the warm up course, directed onto the GP8s and then signaled to enter the start box.  “When you’re ready, in your own time”, is the signal to go, breaking the timing beam and heading for the first obstacle

With names like, jink, x-box, double banana, the hand, Enterprise, cat’s cradle and falling leaf you’ll be forgiven for laughing – but it all helps to remember what you’re doing so you can focus on your speed.

Two attacks to set your best time – hopefully without any penalties (touching a pylon, missing a jink line, dabbing your foot down and others).

The podium places all get trophies and there are rewards for novice riders too – so you could be going home with a prize and a massive grin.

There’s one main rule in Moto Gymkhana – have fun! – the other ‘official’ regulations are here: Moto Gymkhana Regulations – 2015

National Championship Series: 2017
Donington Park.
Round 1 – 6 May – Donington Park – Tarmac Lake
Round 2  – 3 June – Donington Park – Tarmac Lake
Round 3 –  6 August –  Rockingham Speedway
Round 4 – 2 September – Donington Park – Heritage Loop
Round 5  – 7 October – Donington Park – Heritage Loop